Don’t Tell me about tomorrow, Tell me about today

Hey! I haven’t written again in this blog. Finally I have enough time to write something here. Actually I’m really grateful because lately I realized, How life is really hard and we need to express gratitude for every single step in our live. For long time I was finding what the reason of my life. What actually I’m searching for , in the reason to make me happy. I have a lot of dreams and goals in my life. Will I feel happy, when I will have got it ? Actually I never know. If I never do it . Just do and do what makes you happy more rather than do something what you don’t like more ! Yeah because something that what you like makes you happy. But don’t forget as human we always have limit. Don’t care with the border between us just feel free to explore yourself. Why you need to care with another people around you. If they just make you sad and confused. Just remember You always have a choice to change your life. Even though you will in the hardest time in your life. You still have a choice to go out from the hardest moment to the better life as you want. Your life is depend on your own choice. I have a lot plan for my future but plan without action just the blank paper. I’m promise that I want to make my life not just better but meaningful. For what life in the same way everyday. I want my life like a rainbow always has something new everyday and I’m enjoy with that. I’m willing do it for all rest of my life. If people think that I’m so naive with my life. It’s their choice to comment about my opinion but It’s my choice. I want pump what I want to do for my life not what should I do to survive with my life.

Talking about future This blog has thousand stories about my life. I remember, when first time I wrote here, and what I had written here. It was just for fun. I know no body read my blog So I always feel free to write here. I never think what people think and argue with what I have done here.

So let’s conceive !

I want live in London, I never change my dream about London since I was 15 yo . So I hope, I’ll be there soon . I would say London is the city of my dream. People, culture and nature there are the society, which I dreamt for long time. Finger cross I can work in the National Geographic UK. I love travelling than anything. I’m willing work as traveller without need to pay. I love writing also. I admire with media mass since I was young so. Work in the National Geographic is the biggest dream for me. Stay in the same place for the long time duration can kill me easily. I want to see world. I want my feet touch another part of earth, which I never stand on.

Art school and professional Photography course. Just love art with all of my heart. Colour is the part of my life. I love the beauty and I want to learn more about fine art but I don’t have talent in art. To be honest it makes me happier!

To beloved ! I don’t want to choose people to be love. I want people who choose me for accompany him. I’m so passive to get attention from another so I never try to make person to love me. I’m just waiting until the brave person can approach my heart.

Ask me every thing I’ll answer. I can’t ask person. Pardon for my passive and introvert.

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