Hey Guys, Today I want to tell you 20 Facts about me. Usually This game we can see in Instagram. But I think there too mainstream. Just Want to share secret part of me for not so many people. So I choose this blog to share it.

Okay Here we go!

1. Hello My name Maria Novitasari Saragi. But you can call me Maria, most of my friends in my Institute call me Ezra. Both are     acceptable. My  family Member call me Opi but this nick name only acceptable for my siblings.

2. I have been living in Russia for 1 year. In northern Russian city called Arkhangelsk.

3. I live in dormitory with 2 girls also from Indonesia.

4. I study at Northern Arctic Federal University. I’m a student of The Institute of Natural Science and Technology.

5. My speciality is Ecology and management of natural resources. I have a big interested at Biology and chemistry.

6. I’m typical social person, I really love to talk with another people but I only can do it if I feel comfortable with that person.

7. I chose natural science program when I studied at school accidentally but I do love it until now.

8. I have 2 Amazing brothers. One older than me and one younger than me.

9. I love travelling a lot, I went to Moscow, Vologda, Yaroslav, alone and It was great. absolutely incredible.

10. I have dreams. After Graduate University I want study In City London University. in Scientific Journalism.

11. One of my dream job is working in National Geographic London. I really want live in London.

12. List of cities I need to visit at least once of my life 1.London 2. Bristol 3. Stockholm 4. Plymouth 5. Alberta

13. Love swimming endlessly. Like camping in forest also. I’m adventure girl.

14. I’m single now and while I enjoy with it.but world is too big for me so I need to share it with somebody.

15. I admire with so many people. But I constantly admire with 2 different people with the same name.

16. Now I can speak Russian language and English as my foreign language. Indonesian Language is my native language  and I proud of it.

17.  I like art in my heart, Love drawing,painting even can’t do it really nice.

18. In Process study Swedish and I hope can speak in Swedish. Before 22 years old I wish I can speak 5 different   language.

19. In future  I want to be a great wife for my husband and lovely mom to my future child

20. I do love my life even My life is not perfect but I try to make my Life perfect.

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