Okay, 1 Year ago, I graduated from High school. For me High school was an amazing moments of my life. I had so many friends when I was studying in High school my school name is Tarakanita 1 SHS ( SMA TARAKANITA 1 Jakarta) and they like my family, we spent our beautiful stage of our life at the same school. In which study only girls. Now I just want to show you my unbelievable stories. I was really enjoy to spend it every single seconds in every conditions either happy or sad. So let me  share these stories with photos.

Grade 10

This grade was the first year for me as student of High school. I was the only student from my previous school, who study at this school. I choose theatre as my extracurricular. Sometimes that was hard because besides we need to study school material like (math, physic, economy, geography etc) we also had so many activities outside academic subjects. My home really far from my school. I need about 1 hour to my school and sometimes I had like students meeting in friend’s house and her house further that my school. Usually my father pick up me but also not seldom I used to go home alone use public transportation. Actually I like use public transportation but not in Jakarta occasionally so many people there and the nightmare traffics and the most terrible traffic I’d felt when it was raining and we had forum in pancoran. The rain was really strong and at that time my friends who participate in drum band they need to stay at school because it was flood in our school. But for that experiences when I was in 10th grader was cool. I can try and still survive at that condition.

Grade 11

Ehm okay after I finished the 10 grader. I entered grade 11 and For me In that year I felt many experiences that I’ve never felt before. I chose natural science as my speciality. I didn’t have problem when studied in 10 grader so I chose, the speciality as I want. I had 3 options  those are Natural science, Social science, and Language science. I prefer choose natual science because I like biology and I don’t like economy and sociology in Social science so I chose natural science even natural science is harder that social science. Students, who study with me at class most of them got highest mark when they were studying in 10 grader. I was hard when studied in 11 grader actually with the academic material. Besides that I also took a part in the big stage ( Like a theatre show). I spent most of time for training. I was really tired but I spent that moment with my lovely friends who also take a part at that event. Our performance was great and so many people like our show.

Besides big stage. The part which I like when I was studying in 11 grader was going live in the village. I lived with family at that region and I was like their child, I live with my house mate she also studied in my school but we didn’t study at the same class. But I do like live with her. We lived there less that a week and at that village also live my another  friends. In school we really seldom communicate but there almost everyday we shared our story in my host parent’s house. Because our house the best house than another host.



Clara’s birthday, We celebrated with kids there :0)

My host Family, sure I want visit them again someday.






Dazzling 20

Rewind 80





Grade 12

Last year of High school and also the most amazing year when I studied at school. I studied  12 IPA 2. When I was 12 grader in academic subject I didn’t have problems like in 11 grader because I have enough time to study and had courses like private courses in Chemistry and math. I used to courses in Physic also. I love that, I had good mates in courses. I did that courses after school. But the final was. I went to thousand Island with my friends it was Nice,

Class of 2013



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