This blog always here with me.

Do you ever feel, That you are alone and nobody near you like nothing. Yeah now I feel like that. I don’t have anybody to share what I feel now. That is make me enough crazy. Well in this life you can’t make it as you want to be. You will get something that you deserve to get it. It’s more interesting than you already know what you want, you will get it after that. So I feel problems are okey for person to learn. Okay well SUMMER almost finish yet. In 10 days I’ll start my academic course, meet new friends and study full in Russian otherwise I still bad to understand and speak in russian. That is disturbing  my mind sometimes. How I can survive study with that language. To be honest I don’t like to be worst so I lil bit worry about that. Fortunately I have nice summer. This year is my first time spend summer alone without my family but I really like it. After 2 weeks in Moscow. I spent my following days of summer in Arkhangelsk with AIESECer. Thanks a lot for that quality time. I met many amazing people all around the world and share about their culture and traditions. I went to speaking club and they invited to party. they had 2 parties . We also walked along embankment and I went to Katunino to watch racing . That is absolutely incredible. I have new friends and they really inspiring me. Another day my Friend invited me to visit him in his town. I went there with his friend and now we become friend. We spent 3 unbelievable days together. That was really an unforgettable moment. We went to forest and swam in the lake. The lake looks like in the wonderland really beautiful. I keep that memory in my head and that place always have a special place in my heart. I wish someday I can visit that lake again. We was finding mushroom in the forest and. We ate wild berries along the forest. We also walked follow the railways to the city near my friend’s town. We across the forest and we tried walk on the rail. I also never forget  how hot Russian sauna. First time in my life to try it. That is really great and I had a good sleep after that. And this sunshine and the warmth of summer soon will be end. Now I already back to arkhangelsk and all amazing people, I’ve known already back to their place to continue their life. Me too. I need to prepare for continue my life back to the reality, keep clam and get everything you want. See you again summer I will miss all moment that I’ve spent with you. I’m always here in this blog. Small piece of world that I always feel free to share what I feel.

Friends. It doesn’t mean people, who always with you and live near you. But for me Friends is people who want to help you even you live really far from them.

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