How I love this summer! Do you know why? because I had great experience ever in my life in this summer.  First of all I planned to visit Saint Petersburg and everything  Change, during  1 day I changed my plan to visit Moscow . 5 days before my journey to Peter was beginning . I wasn’t holiday in Moscow  .  I worked at Russian family as a private teacher and learn more with them. After I had worked with them I spent, 2 days unbelievable journey there. I hosted  at my Friends house. They‘re really kind and help me to go anywhere show me city sight and we’re talking many things, share our time together. It was awesome, I went to Moscow Alone. I felt like stranger in train. I lost my way in Metro.  I met another people in metro from Thailand and china. After that we went to Arbat together and dinner together.  To be honest I never do it before. Totally it makes me richer of knowledge. I learn about life on this trip. I wish,  I can go travelling again to another place someday  but not as Tourist, I want on my next trip I will be travelling as Traveller.DSC01624  Park PabedyDSC01521DSC01542DSC01506DSC01585DSC01668  DSC01595DSC01677  DSC01707 DSC01702 DSC01706 DSC01630 DSC01632 DSC01625 DSC01682 DSC01645 DSC01693

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