How Long Will I love you?

Hey Guys First Post for this Year Happy New Year, I wish you will get amazing life this year. Okay Talking about New year we usually talk about RESOLUTION. We usually make it and only remember that only in the beginning of new year and following day we forget about the goal we want to get this year. You already make your own Resolution? so what you wish will happen for this year? Get job? Graduate from University or school ? found someone special?. Sometimes we want it happen but we never do something for that  after you realize you didn’t get your goal, You feel upset. Yeah I usually feel upset and sad in the end of year, many of my hopes or goal was not happen in that year so this year I must to more consistent than before, I will more serious and not to be childish again and I will be myself and believe of me “more confident” I think. How about Love ? I don’t know. I never think about that but I think love never come too fast or too late I will see what will happen with that in this year. Actually I never think first when I write my blog so it’s spontaneous. How long will I love with my Resolution? Can I make it happen in this year ? I hope I can make it happen 🙂


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