International Students New Year Celebrations

Hey Guys How are you ? I want to tell you a good thing being international students :), Why? because we come from different country so we have another story,Every country have different culture and habit it’s so interesting to hear story from another country. We can explore ourself and we can share our story with our way. This year is my first year to be international student in my university have many gathering to celebrate New year. Obvious every country have a different traditions to celebrate new year from what usual they do when new year until what kind of food usual they eat when new year. Like in Indonesia we know in there temperature always same every year it’s about 20-30 celcius degrees so we usual celebrate New year in the main street make barbecue in garden buy trumpet and play it when the clock show 00.00. But in Russian they not do that thing, In Russia the temperature is always changes every year it’s can be good or bad. But they stay at home because at 31 december is winter it’s so cold in the street s they celebrate at home eat with all of member family after 00.00 they drinks sempaine or beer after that if the temperature not too cold they go to main street and dance all the night. Now I know little bit how to celebrate new year in another country not only Indonesia. I have some photo in International students new year party 🙂






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