Winter is coming

Hai Guys How are you, I hope you have a good day. In Russia it’s already winter. My friends who study in UK and Netherlands said in there didn’t snow in the first week of december. In Arkhangelsk the first snow begin in the last week of oktober but the snow was melting and the snow come again in the last of november until now and many people say the snow will stay in our region until the end of april wow it’s a long time. The reason why the snow period so long in Arkhangelsk is , Arkhangelsk region is locate in Northern Russia and not far for white sea and white sea is not far from northern artic. In another european city usually low temperature is about -10 but in Arkhangelsk -10 our daily temperature. It can be lowest than -10 about -12 until the most lowest is -30.  In here have a lot of snow you can play with that thing as long as you want. Play ski and ice skating in river or lake it’s so fantastic right? because in here not a metropolitan city and not far from village and forest. In here many place you can visit and place to play. And if you want to know how winter in our region you can watch my video it’s about winter in Arkhangelsk.

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