The Most Amazing Vacation Ever !

Hey guys !! Nice to meet you again. After graduation day. I spent my long holiday with Russian Courses and working part time. And I spent 2 unforgettable days with my best friends and it’s the most amazing vacation ever. My friends and I went to Pari Island in Thousand Island. That is near from Jakarta but we go to there need 2 hour in the boat. We take a boat in Muara Angke fish market. In there the smell is not good because that is fish market. When I arrive in the island It’s so great island with the blue sea and a nice sky not really hot in there. We can go anywhere in that island with the bike and it’s so fun. Firstly we go to LIPI beach that convervation beach, LIPI( Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia) menaged that place as convervation beach and we can find many star fish in there and many mangrove tree in there you can relax and sunbathing in there so lovely place and silent not many people in there.

Me in LIPI Beach found Star fish

After lunch we prepare for snockling in 3 spot in Tikus Island and many more place but we only snockling in Tikus Island because snockling make us so tired and one on my friends feel not health. So we try to explore the Tikus Island after we snockling in  Tikus Island is small island and no people live in there but the sand so soft you can srucbing with the sand in there but many spot in there so many of rubbish but totaly I love that island nobody people live in there. we can chatting each other and relax and swim near the island.

snockling in Tikus Island and that is Jakarta guys

So many of fish in here bring some bread if you want they come to you

the spot guys the water is so salty

it’s me


In the evening we biking to some beach in the Pari Island that is the masterpiece of that island, Virgin Beach that beach the beautifull beach no rubbish ni there so clean like in paradise and we  BBQ in there, nice beach you can swim, make a sand castle or only walk around the beach. And when the morning come we wake up at 4 am to see sun rise and say good bye to the island beacuse we leave that island at 8 am  so fast but the most amzing vacation with your best friends only 2 days but it’s so meaning full for me i always remember that


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