5 Seconds of Summer, They younger than ME

Hello Today I want to tell you guys about 5SOS or 5 Seconds Of Summer. They are Australian Boys and they unite as 5SOS Luke Hemmings,Michael Clifford,Calum Hood,Ashton Irwin. They are 16 years old but they so amazing. They formed as a band in 2011 and they sign a concract with sony and they have tutorial to make song with many great musician in Australia. In 2012 they lauch they first single debut and Niall from One Direction commented in they link. Before That louis have publish they link in his Youtube acount. In December 2012 they have a trip to England and The boys embarked on a songwriting trip to London, where they have written with various artists including McFly,Roy Stride of Scouting for GirlsNick Hodgson of Kaiser Chiefs ,Jamie ScottJake GoslingSteve Robson and James Bourne of Busted. After that they move to England and learn about music in there, In 2013 they lauch they second Music Video and they be famous in England with that. Because of that they selected as Opening act for One Direction Take Me Home Tour. 



The Boy’s 

With One Direction


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