Hello today I want to tell you guys about my story. I feel I not  unstable teeneger again I try to be little bit mature. I’m still look childish but I’m try to be myself. My mind say tired to be a fanatic again I want to be calm and relax. I find the direction to be calm and live better than now but the school stuff makes me crazy and I must accepted my Math score in school is not good. I was sad because I already study all night long for the test but I didn’t got a good mark. I realize now I forgot the power infront of me. Because lately I usually use my abillity and didn’t recourses to God I’m sorry God. Whereas I always do how can I do and god make it’s perfect I totally forgot about it. I’m sorry god I promise, I will be faithfull to you. And back to the topic I try to be mature and have relax and I listening Ben Howard song it’s totally makes your mind is relax. I have been heard that everyday and it’s more than once per day but i  never bored with that song especially Ben Howard voice and guitar instrument it’s good check it if you want to here ben howard and hopefully you like it and can be relax and mature.


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