Thanks for Light up My World

Hello first of all I want to say sorry, Because I’m not update my Blog for a long time. I have many test in school so I must to concentration in my test. Finally I have a loose time to bloging again. Today I want to tell about something,people or everything who/which light up my world like no body else. But it’s not one direction Lyric. I realize I have many people inspring me like My mother she always suport me and always teach me how to be a great person but sometime I never hear it. Hahaha I really want to say Thank you Mommie .

The second is my family like my elder and my little brother, My daddy my aunt and all my family thanks so much to light up my world. I grow up in talkactive family it’s makes me very expresive and never shy to be a different. I not live in the science family, Lot of my family is social, My family teach me how to be a social human not a science human. We know about many news in our life love read a newspaper and magazine and we love football so much but we not a good mathematician. Hahaha I know every single things about a general knowledge not a  ungeneral knowledge. When I in class I look different like my friends in Science but I love it My brain is social brain. I can learn Science but I have much time longer to study than Science Brain but I love it endlessly.

I want to say thanks for My friends. Pin-pin thanks for hear all my story since i was in JHS since know. She is the best listener for me and give a good tips for me all my friends since I was elementary untiil un my SHS thanks so much. Maybe I can’t write it one by one but friends have a big effect to make me like that. Give a tips be a good listener and teach me many subject in school. Be best partners and everything.

Thanks to many people who’s inspiring me. One Direction and Tom Daley you make my life colourfull and my many story in my life. I never meet you before but I feel so close to you. Everyday I feel different witha new sensation hehe your achcievment make want to be a better person. But I always sad because you only live in my imagination and can’t be true. I know you only with the story in tv but I can’t be your friend. I only your fan not your friends. Maybe only meet and take a photo with you is the best prize ever in my live, But you never know me, How proud I of you, You never know and didn’t want to know, Only know you can light up my world imagine if I’m your friend it makes me the luckiest person in the world




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