One Last Tour Journey

Hello today I want to tell you about the concert of Swedish House Mafia January 19 2013. The story is started when my lil brother Desmon give me an Info about the quiz with the prize 17 VIP ticket and 1 prize VVIP ticket of Swedish House Mafia. I really interesting because I really love Swedish House Mafia I love they song so much. I save my christmas money for buying that ticket but I realize I waste my money for a night so i didn’t bought that.

Near the concert will held I really want to buy the ticket and when I want to buy the regular ticket but it was sold out so I realize I can’t see them for the last.So I join that photo competition for have that ticket. I only hope to be a winner for a vip ticket but I was a winner for vvip ticket and the ticket is include foe meet and greet with SHM. Wow I can’t imagine that before and I wacthing the concert in very comfort place with nice sofa, free drinks and snack. I have many new friends older than me in there.

When the concert i met some Bule guy very handsome and nice but I really met Him again Thanks to Wina to take a picture me and them haha

The Red T-shirt was so amazing so cool and charming but my friend tell the white one to take a picture first

I Really enjoyed with the concert with the lighting,sound and the VIP Place it’s so amazing I really love that

with Wina 

The Part of the concertiew

Again with Bule again so many bule in the venue  nice view

The amazing one is  I have a meet and greet ticket wow so great right I was waiting in backstage for 30 minutes and when I was waiting I met The guy who I was met before and He is work in Sweden embessy in Jakarta OMG and I met the Sweden Ambassador for Indonesia and I was Handshake with her and the stupid one is I Realized she is the Ambasador after I met her haha so funny right haha. Fredrick introduce me to her. After That I come into the backstage and wait until  Ingrosso,Axwell and angello coming I was nervous because it’s the first time to me to meet an International Artist as exclusive guest wow and I finally they came to the photobooth and we take a picture with them I was beside of Angello. I really want to beside Ingrosso but I can’t But I give Ingrosso Postcard without the massage haha so Funy but Like a dream can take photo and hug them wow it’s the great experience ever wow Thanks God You’re Everything to me

me Angello, Axwell, Kak Flo, Ingrosso , Sony ambasador with her husband

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