One Direction Imagine Spare

Hello Directioners now let’s make your imagination more higher that before because we want to invite you to One Direction Imagine Spare

1. Imagine The boys Invite you to join their private holiday only you and their

2 Imagine in that vacation in the plane you the passanger only you and their

3. You arrive in the airport and Your bag is to heavy to you bring alone, Liam help you to bring it

Boy band One Direction fly to Los Angeles from Heathrow Airport on January 27, 2012 in London, UK. The group had to run to the plane they were so late boarding, despite being at the airport for over 3 hours!

4.Imagine The boys  want to shiping with the boat and in that boat they are topless and you are only girls in that boat

4. Imagine and Niall swimming in the sea and he sugest you accompany he to swim but you can’t swim so niall touch your hand and teach you to swim

5.After Niall teach you how to swim Harry and Louis Give you a Towel

6. And The night is begin and The boys and you dinner in the hotel and Zayn is sit in your left side and Harry in you right side

7. After the dinner you really boring but The boys is sing a song to you and niall is palying guitar for you

8. Finally You feel really sleepy and you sleep in Zayn’s Arm

9. And Zayn Pick up you to your Room


10. And in You Dream is One direction

It’s The best Holiday ever in your life…..

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