If I’m In Europe

The fact is I’m not in europe now hehehe . Hai guys So Incredible to write and shoutout again in this blog again really miss that. I have a big dream one of my dream is i want go to europe someday I really want to there the land of idea for me. Because Europe have some diversities and many culture i haven’t feel before in my lovely country Indonesia. I really want to europe and studying in there for a few years. My biggest ambition of all of my life is Europe Tour and vacation the great places I want to go to 3 different countries first of all i want go to Muenchen, Why i choose muenchen? Muenchen have some great places like castel and muenchen is the great city for vacation and The reason i want to Muenchen is I love Bayern Muenchen so much i a big fan of them I have jersey of them and i love them since 2006 years ago and i want sit in allianz arena and watching the match and i don’t want to left before i go to Bayern Muenchen Museum and hopefully i can get some signature from bayern muenchen player especially Phillip Lahm. The second country i want to go is France because France is a beutiful country and i want take a picture in Eiffel Tower if i in there after that i go to UK with EuroStar The Faster Train In Europe and see the beatiful view because it’s by way of england sea. In UK First i want to take a picture in Payphone haha it’s very cool and going to buckingham Palace and the most I want is Go to Maddame Tussand London and take a photo in Tom Daley Statue I know i very hysteries if i meet that haha because i really love Tom Daley. I want to watching One Direction, Union J , District 3 Performence Hopefully.  After That i want go to Plymouth and go to Tom Daley House haha so freak but i want to meet him. Or if i don’t meet him i want to swimming in his swimming pool usual he use to swim hihi i don’t know but i really freak now hehe it’s my dream i hope it can be happen AMEN


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